Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is an invigorating type of yoga that leads to greater strength, increased flexibility, and improved concentration. It can also lower anxiety, and foster a more positive mood. Vinyasa flow classes often move to the rhythm of music, with movement into and out of different poses (asanas) coordinated with the breath. It’s a fun, spirited, energizing class that also produces a sense of calm and inner grounding.

Each of our bodies is built differently, with unique bone structures, different levels of inherent flexibility, and different physiological strengths, limitations, and vulnerabilities. The focus in this class is on helping each student find their own zone of optimal functioning and growth. It is not about attaining an idealized set of poses, or a competition with others or oneself to push ever harder. Increased strength, flexibility, and inner well-being will develop naturally when we approach our yoga practice with compassion, patience, humor, and an intention to find and explore our own unique edge within each pose.